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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Leave film production to the professionals

In a downward economy, with Hollywood regurgitating 80's TV shows and more, do we really need a cross Atlantic gangster movie, funded by Premier league players?

Yes, "50 Cent"Curtis Jackson, Ashley Cole (Chelsea FC) and Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United) are making a British gangster movie. THR reports:

"50 Cent runs with Dead Man"

Dead Man Running will be the title (I'm assuming they picked the title from Dead Man Walking?) in which, 50 will play a loan shark. The film is going to be executive produced by the two soccer players in the premier league. What's the compelling sales pitch to the potential distributor? Rapper + soccer players + gangster genre = A solid commodity. 

I'm all for global/cross Atlantic productions, but let's leave movie making to people who know best. Rappers, to be respected actors, now soccer players being producers, come on! 

As if these guys had nothing else to do with their time. I think 50 is a great performer, but unless he's going to use an English accent or not be himself, don't expect anything award worthy here. Do they want to be respected as business men in the entertainment industry? Because this is not a good way to showcase their marketing abilities. Or are they saying, "look I'm talented to work in several industries?" What is the objective? Make money? or Show I'm talented? Both objectives will not prosper or prove to be successful here. Maybe it's another angle for them to say "look how more obnoxious and ostentatious I can be."

Utter complete garbage! Wow! Must have been a really slow news day for the THR to take that story pitch from the production company's PR department.

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