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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Barcelona FC-USA

A conversation between my wife and I started, regarding a possible relocation to Miami. Since we have the baby now, we wanted to be closer to family. The question came up, "what kind of work would I do out there?" I told my wife, I think Miami should have an MLS team, then I could work for the them and help with the marketing/sales effort. This conversation was about a year ago. I said, the MLS should look to bring a team to Miami. There would be a great market for a team down there.

Sure enough, this past fall, FC Barcelona have taken a serious interest in collaborating with the MLS to build a new team in Miami, Fl. Will it be a revamp of Miami FC ?Will it be FC Barcelona USA, like Chivas USA? We don't know the exact details yet, but the decision makers from Barcelona and a Bolivian investor are working together to form a team in Miami.

Miami is the Latin American HQ in the United States. The hub and avenue to South America. Cubans have dominated the Latin population in Miami, which was the stereotype, but now there is an influx of Brazilians, Haitians, Caribbean, and Guatemalan's. Take a guess what their favorite Sport is? Many sports and PR companies have offices in Miami and if the team were to retain the right company and make a consorted effort, they could have success bringing back a pro soccer team to Miami. 

The only negatives that come to mind are, that Barcelona already has a B team, so is this going to be their C team? Is this a step backwards for the MLS, because they need the brand power and support of one of the top teams in the world? One last point is the weather. The MLS season is held in the summer, so unless the Miami team's home games are held in the evening, I don't think they will have a turn out from the Miami faithful. Even in the summer evenings, with the mosquitos? Hey what about an indoor arena or fancy covered dome? Is that too much to ask?

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