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Monday, November 17, 2008

FANTASY PLAYERS are the new go to demographic!!

Fellow fantasy sports players, finally, this is our time to shine. The marketing teams, departments and agencies have discovered that fantasy sports is big business. According to a study released by Street and Smith's SBJ, Fantasy Sports players account for 73% of overall sports fans. The FSA (Fantasy Sports Association) state the following results:

81% of fantasy sports players use a credit card at least once a month
73% of sports fans in general
72% of the U.S. population

Source: Ipsos Public Affairs study

We are 30 million strong with an average household income of $94,000. The specific purchasing trends were also included:

Fantasy players, real (strong) buyers

Fantasy sports players are stronger consumers of many goods and services than sports fans in general or the overall U.S. population, according newly compiled data.

In the past 30 days, purchased:
Fantasy players Sports fans General population

Beer    73% 52% 47%
Other alcohol*  68% 52% 48%
Fast food   92% 87% 86%
Soft drinks   94% 91% 89%

In the past 12 months:
Flown on an airline
52% 42% 42%

At least once per month:
Read a sports magazine
 63% 49% 48%


Own a computer
    97% 95% 96%
Have cable/satellite service
    95% 91% 90%
Use a cell phone
   93% 89% 88%
Own athletic shoes
   90% 80% 77%
Own a video game system
      58% 42% 40%

* Includes wine, vodka, whiskey/bourbon, rum and tequila.
Notes: Results from online polling of more than 1,200 fantasy sports players between Sept. 5 and Oct. 10.
Source: Ipsos Public Affairs study conducted for the Fantasy Sports Association.

I was surprised at the numbers. I read an article a few months ago that stated men between the age of 24-34 spend 33% of their spare time playing Video Games. Only 13% spent their spare time reading books, Shocking! 

The addiction to fantasy sports is down to having control of real teams and strategically manipulating the outcome. The overall goal is to win and stay atop of your league. As a manager of 6 teams I am addicted to shifting lineups, trading, checking stats and being engaged with a variety of sports. So for you fantasy sports players out there, don't worry if your loved one or spouse complains about your addiction. You are not alone and soon brands, companies and media corporations will start paying attention. Look for several cross platform promotions with some of your favorite brands participating. I anticipate multi-national brands presenting and participating in sweepstakes and giveaways to fantasy sports players. Brands who are already doing this include: Miller, Gillette, Yahoo and Verizon.

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