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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Several of you have read that EA Sports is releasing it's title EA Sports Active. The target demographic are Women. I'm assuming stay at home mom's who need the convenience of working out at home. 

I'm always against monopolizing a market, so I'm happy that EA is going to compete with the only other fitness title for the Wii. I was surprised a couple of years ago that Nintendo were the innovators of the fitness game concept and not my favorite distributors, EA. Back then, I was approached by a co worker with a fitness game concept. At the time, I was pitched the idea to take to a water company for branded integration, but they were too close minded to see the ROI in the opportunity. If they had seized the idea, the brand would have been a part of the $9.9 million worldwide revenue of the game. Oh well!

EA Active will be a hit. (if EA can fix their glitches that most of their games have). What I'm interested in the advancement in the technology of the active game. Since the success of the activation board and it's physical games, where is the technology going? If any of you have yet to play Fifa's "be a pro" mode, you should. You play as one of your chosen players and you only control him. You can somewhat dictate what the rest of the team does, but you are essentially in control of every move for your chosen player. You have to make space, call for passes, dribble..etc. The object is to achieve performance points based on what you do. The view is essentially in the first person see below:

You know where I'm going with this don't you? Will Fifa, Madden, NBA 2K al, develop the sports games to be more active? If the activation board can detect movements for cardiovascular activities, can the technology be enhanced for gamers to play their favorite sports games? I for one, would be a fan. Tiger Woods 08 for the Wii has already done it. Are we seeing a new phase of gaming?


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