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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WS Sport's division will reach USA

Look out U.S. Weber Shandwick's new WS Sport's practice will be here soon. As you all know, I am passionate about looking at business from a global perspective. Why subject yourself to one market? Be it entertainment or sports, why stay footed in your comfortable zone? Expand!

Let's take a pointer from my friends at Weber Shandwick. Utilizing your global presence and creating a business model around your resources, is how innovators succeed.  

Sports Business International reports:

High level ‘sport in the downturn’ panel assembled for launch of Weber Shandwick sport

Weber Shandwick, has assembled an exciting panel from Government, business, academia and media for next week’s London launch of its dedicated new sports practice, WS Sport.

Weber Shandwick has a long history of working with sports organisations, sponsors and stars, ranging from successful bids for the Olympic Games to working with major sponsors of events including the Formula One World Championships, the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Euro 2008, the FIFA World Cup, the Olympic and Paralympic Games and European PGA Tour.

WS Sport has a solid client base, deep relationships along with an astounding reputation. For some of you F1, and the largest sports organization, UEFA may seem like a foreign language, but these two acronyms ring aloud in the international sports world. The success from the new division will find it's way "across the pond" and I for see the American and Latin American Soccer leagues under FIFA, being the first client's of WS Sport USA. That's where they will begin, and believe me, the poaching of sports PR retained clients will continue. Who said capitalism is not global?


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