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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


For several years now, I have been ranting and raving about the boom in the Indian entertainment industry. Some people thought it was a waste of time, some said they wanted to do something, but it never surfaced. I understood the doubts, and lack of enthusiasm, but now time is running short, to capitalize on the boom. Trying to get in the drivers seat now will seem as if you are "jumping on the band wagon." Here's a recent article I read:

The Hollywood Reporter stated: 

Indian gaming, toons set to boom
Report sees 27% annual growth to $1.2 bil by 2012

A two day gaming expo called : "Indian Animation and Gaming 2008" focused on the constant growth of the Indian market. 

Full Article:

Furthermore, recent partnerships of Plan B Entertainment, Playtone, and Smokehouse Productions with the Indian owned and operated, Reliance Media this past Summer can't be lucrative, right? I guess not:

Moreover, Steven Spielberg has also realized the potential by receiving financing from foreign Bollywood investors. Back in June, he and his team at Dreamworks partnered with Reliance

Perhaps the question begs, So? Who cares? Well do I need to say who cares and who is paying attention?

I'm excited to say the least! Disney's first attempt, partnering with Bollywood on the highly anticipated animation, ROADSIDE ROMEO is a risk, that I think will pay off.  The Animation is the first of it's kind and with the growth in the animation and gaming sector projected to reach $1.2bil in 5 years, it deserves special attention. Did any of you see the theme song video for Roadside Romeo? Romeo has a Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari! I wonder what brand of cell phone, laptop or clothing he's going to use in the film??

I recently pitched an original concept on how to monetize a service, which can be targeted to a specific demographic, by the click of a button. Soon, I'll be doing the rounds and meeting with my brand friends and agencies around town with the concept. To take it one step further, creating the service and selling to an Indian gaming company or Bollywood corporation is where the ROI will be on a global scale. Let's not "jump on the bandwagon," but instead develop a solid, original business model, which is beneficial for us and the Bollywood industry.

QUESTION: What obstacles are affecting your company/brand to activate a program in India? What problems have you encountered? Want a solution, I'm one email away...

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