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Friday, November 21, 2008

Optimize, optimize!!

Watch out EB Games, Best Buy, the GOP version of convenient stores is going to take some of your customers!

Brandweek reported that 7 Eleven will begin selling video games as of Nov 20, in approx 5,660 locations around the country. The concept to grab revenue from the core consumers by adding value to the store, is great. This will work. A good way to optimize your target demographic.

Your stoned, high, or maybe just feel the need for a "big gulp," and at the same time, you can purchase your favorite video game. Maybe I'm stereotyping. I can honestly count on my hand how many times I've walked into a 7 Eleven and bought something. I'm obviously the minority.

I'm interested in seeing the marketing for this section in the aisle, also one thing that randomly comes to mind; are they going to be more prone to robberies? Am I wrong to make this assumption? Aren't 7 Eleven's always getting Robbed? Anyway, great idea, it will be profitable.

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