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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm Sold!

Great collaboration!

THR reports that Tecate (Heineken) and Full Throttle (Coke) are going to offer rebates for the De La Hoya fight this Saturday. A very simple promotion that utilizes target marketing. A majority of the viewership will be Latin American males, who drink Tecate, so in these tough economic times, HBO, Coke and Heineken are collaborating to ease the burden to this focused demographic.

Let's face it, $54.95 is a hell of a lot for a PPV event. I'm not going to pay for it, instead I will try to share the cost with my neighbor and friends. I for one do not drink Tecate or Full Throttle, but this weekend, I'll be knocking back the old Mexican Cerveza in order to receive the rebate! Great promotion!!

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