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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Forget Georgia, the Russians want GOLF!!

In Russian, 4etblpe pronouned "Shepperia" Means Four!!

Yes folks, not that even one Russian is on the PGA Tour, the Professional Golfers Association is building a golf course on the resort of Bolshoye Zavidovo. Along with the 7,300 yard course, there will be 9-hole course for a PGA golf academy to build awareness and growth of Golf in Russia. The resort is close to the capital, Moscow.

Way to go PGA Tour! (I know, I rag on one my favorite sports associations all the time). The average high temperature in the old Kremlin for Summer is 74 degrees. During the middle of PGA Tour season, might I add. I'm assuming these 3 months, the Russians to be PGA Tour players, will be training intensely? Because Golf is so very well suited for an intense training program.. COME ON! 

I've never tried to swing a golf club with my Russian attire on, but I can tell you, it can't be any easier. I've seen some bad investments in my time, but wasn't the PGA tour complaining last month about decreasing revenue due to the economy? What are those folks up to?!?

Q & A Is this a good expansion program, if so, why? If not why?

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