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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Optimize Gamers? Are you in or out?

For a while now, I've been out researching and having discussions around town about launching a new interface and digital interactive program. The problem is I need a brand, agency or distributor as a platform to launch this new exciting product. 

My idea is to optimize the domestic US market, then target Europe and Asia. Especially Asia! Their gaming market is expected to top  the $bil mark (as mentioned in my India Booming article a couple of weeks ago). With the economy now even reaching the untouchable Saudi Arabs and sacred land Dubai (reported by Businessweek 12.3.08), budgets are scarce, but an investor is always looking to capitalize on certified ROI. 
My new concept and interface will be a new US product, which will be created in the US by Americans as a new tool in the gaming interactive industry. Cost effective, environmentally friendly and an ROI for the vendor and brands. What do you think President Elect Obama?
Who do I go to? Propaganda GEM? Davie Brown? EA, Sony? IGA? Massive Inc?? I'll be contacting everyone soon, once I put my business model, strategy and proposal together.
If you want to learn more contact me:

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