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Monday, January 5, 2009

India's Gaming Up!!

FX Labs and Eros International are releasing a game based on the action film "GHAJINI." The movie stars Amir Kahn, not the most prominent Actor in Bollywood, but he has enough clout and talent to still woo audiences.

The PC based, platform game will be the first of it's kind in India. Not to mention that this has been coming for a while, but look for the graphics and technology behind this to be astounding. Where are we outsourcing most of our tech jobs??? Yup, expect them to make the Ghajini game with the same sort of enthusiasm.

In the next coming years, the billion dollar Bollywood industry will be able to completely package and optimize a movie project. I had an idea or was it a dream about Shah Rukh Kahn alongside one our prominent Hollywood actresses. Integrate brands into a Bollywood flick and activate POS opps through direct purchase or POS in the interactive environment.

Q & A: Who is doing this kind of full packaging, and is there a SWOT analysis?

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