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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ronaldo couldn't skip around the center barrier?!?

From Manchester:

Cristiano Ronaldo crashed his Ferrari today, and escaped unharmed. The $130,000 vehicle was mangled after Ronaldo hit the center barrier on his way to training. 

Ronaldo, #1 rated footballer (soccer) in the world who dances and haunts opponents defenses obviously can't control his Ferrari. I of one am glad the poor kid did not get hurt, but I'm not sad for his loss of finances or Ferrari. Recently named the 11th richest person in English football, I'm sure he'll be looking to go the dealership on Saturday before Sunday's crunch match with Chelsea! (A small injury to keep him out of that game would have been nice).

It's ok Cristiano, you'll buy another Ferrari! Enjoy your training session today mate!

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