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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh dear poor Man City, what did you expect??

No world record transfer fee broken..

Sorry Manchester City, after emulating Chelsea, or more like, trying to emulate Chelsea, you failed to break the world record transfer fee for AC Milan ace, Kaka. Did you honestly think he would? Why would he? 

I have no problem with Man City and their new wealth and check book because it's great for Football (Soccer). Seriously though, what player unless you are only driven by financial motives, in their right mind would go to Man City? They currently sit in 11th place, 4 points above the bottom team. Yes, they are in the UEFA cup, barely, but why would any top players go for a team who is no where near competing for the league, Champions League spot or even in the Champions League? 

They are trying to emulate Chelsea, but everyone seems to forget that for at least 10 years before the "Russian Revolution" Chelsea were always in the top 5 and competing for the Champions League and actually beat Liverpool to get into the Champions League, in the summer of the 03/04 season, before Roman Abramovich purchased the club.

Kaka, made his decision, based on his instincts and common sense. Man City have a LONG way to go, before they will be considered a "Big Club" in England, and the world. What I've enjoyed is that Kaka was not blinded by the 500k a week salary, knowing that the quality of players, fans, and city he currently plays in, is far more prestigious than Manchester City.

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