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Friday, March 20, 2009

Corporate America is full of Idiots

After being bailed out by us (Tax Payers) it seems that common sense is obviously not apparent among certain finance and insurance execs across the country. Not only is AIG one of the main constituents in the bewildered US and World economy during this tumultuous time, but they are simply some of the most dumbfounded collection of people I have ever heard or read about.

What drives me insane is the Media and Journalist's in this country fail to address, regardless of what is "legal" and "it wasn't stipulated in the bail out bill." How about plain old common sense? You have been funded by the taxpayers and then you give your execs who caused this financial mess a multi million dollar bonus? Are you kidding me? The bill that was passed by the previous administration did not have a clause to restrict bonus payments? Ummm.. of course not, because we expect one the worlds largest insurance company's to utilize "common sense" and not pay bonuses, but "plough back" (an old school business term to re invest in your company) into the firm.

Now AIG wants to file a law suit against Countrywide for employing a lapsed mortgage application system, which allowed people to qualify for fatal mortgages. What the hell is going on here? There is no term to explain the actions of AIG, but simply, what a bunch of "Dick Heads." I hope AIG is bailed out again and when the government takes full control of AIG's assets and operations, the CEO and other execs are paid 5% of their salary an forced to work two/three jobs to keep up with their financial obligations. Then they can default on their Yacht, Car and Mortgage payments. In addition, unable to fund their 20 year old mistresses lifestyles, sorry girls, got hook somewhere else. Where are these poor girls going to run to now?

As I wrote several months ago, the bailout cry began and continued with several companies looking for the same thing. Back then I said, there will be flaws and more debt will be uncovered.. so it is my friends. How do we get the word out for people to comprehend that the majority of the public and corporations in this country are run by complete idiots who are corporate slaves addicted to their pathetic mobile devices, waking up at 11pm to shoot emails, when the receiving person is not even in their office? Dorks, Nerds and Losers who have never enjoyed the simple pleasures in life have to make it in the Corporate world, then believe money can get you everything... WRONG.. now they are learning rapidly..

Yeah I know this is not related to my usual theme of blogging, but I had to get this off my chest.. :)

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