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Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

My picks were 50/50 this week folks!

Arsenal 2-1 Man U
Well, I did say Arsenal's goal would come from a set piece and Man U's from an unlikely source, which they did. Who would have thought new boy Samir Nasri's wonder strike was to sink the current Champions of England?? Be it so, Arsenal certainly deserve the credit, as they were the better team. Ronaldo and Co did not show up, but Rafael Da Silva certainly did, who brought an some extra late drama to the game. 13% of you voted for a Arsenal win, well, well, aren't you the lucky ones then??

Full Match Report:

College Football: 
Oklahoma St 20 @ Texas Tech 56
Was there any doubt in anyone's mind? The second best team in the country who have done nothing but dominate if not THE toughest division, the Big 12. Only TTU and Alabama lead the pack with an impressive 10-0 record.

Full Report:

Cal 3 @ USC 17
The spread for a USC win was 21 points. How did I know the deficit would be less? USC has not been prominent in racking up big scores against their fellow Pac 10 members. Especially the teams who have some substance this season. No doubt the Trojans were the better team in all areas on the field, but the Cal Bears are the only other team ranked in the top 25 who are in the pac 10. USC were not going to steam roll them.

Full Report:

Calzaghe Vs Roy Jones Jr- Calzaghe wins (118-109)
I never questioned it! Perhaps in the overzealous mind of American boxing fans did question Joe Calzaghe. Even though everyone in Madison Square Garden held their breathe as Jones delivered a sharp shot to put Calzaghe down in the first, we could all let go and exhale. The focused Welshman composed himself to come back and win the fight. Roy Jones has never been cut before, this was almost reminiscent to when Rocky cut Drago in Rocky 4 (with half the drama). Calzaghe is a boxer's boxer, who gets the job done. No need for posing, no need to go for the knockout, just box! Now, boxing fans around the world can say "Calzaghe, the best pound for pound Boxer on the planet."

Full Fight Report:

Colts 24-20 Steelers
The Steelers were narrow favorites going in. So it was a soft upset. All I have to say is, everything was going my way until Big Ben threw the last interception. You are not going to win a football game throwing 3 interceptions especially so close to the end of the game, with the opposing team needing a touch down to win!! Peyton Manning and Dominic Rhodes punished Ben and ended a 40 year jinx.

Full Report:

Celtics 88-76 Pistons
I should have trusted the motto "Never doubt a Champion." Allen Iverson played a decent game for his new team. 10 Points, 4 Rebounds and 4 assists. He also turned the ball over 4 times. The problem for the Pistons was their lack of ability to make the shots. The Celtics were shooting 45% and held Detroit to 35%. As they are the current NBA champions, I should have been more respectful. I think Rick Hamilton's unapparent enthusiasm with only 3 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists was partly to blame. Maybe it's the beard?? What's up with that?

Full Report:

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