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Monday, November 10, 2008

I Phone & Soccer?

Apple, the CAA, Coke, Tiger Woods of the tech world? In reference to those names mentioned, I'm referring to Apple's dominance in the market. I can't blame Jobbs for this attempt, but a Soccer game on your Phone? You guys tell me, someone who can afford the I Phone, who uses the capabilities of the product, do you really have time to play video games on your phone? Aren't we detached from society enough to add a game to your cell phone? So now the PSP and Nintendo DS has stiff competition from the I Phone.

I think the concept is great, but can someone tell me, who does this market too? I'm a gamer, sports marketing guy, love gadgets, but no way want a game console to be my phone. Thoughts? Give me a pitch as to what demographic the marketing department at Apple is targeting here?

One thing is for certain. If the I Phone gaming application is not a hit (which I doubt). Be sure Apple is testing the waters to generate the marketability of it's own single mobile gaming device.

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